Logo Design & Branding


If you need a new logo, or need your logo updated just contact me and we can discuss your needs, whether you require a simple text logo or an elaborate 3D design, I can create whatever you want to fit your budget.


All of my logos are created from scratch, and from your brief, I will adapt your thoughts and ideas to produce a unique logo. So whether you have a specific idea in mind or you want me to create an offering of my own, I will produce a design that is tailored to your personal, club or company's requirements.

Photoshop Commissions


I've been using Adobe Photoshop for many years, and over that period of time I have developed a multitude of key skills which allow me to use this program to a very high standard. Below you can see a few examples of the variety of work I can undertake, but if you have any questions regarding this service then please feel free to contact me for further details and I'll be happy to discuss any projects you have in mind, whether big or small.


This area of my work includes a wide range of expert skills from simple blemish removal to more complicated subtraction of unwanted 'artifacts' from photographs, damage reconstruction and advanced modifications. All alterations that I make with these processes are 'non-destructive' to the original image.


I offer these services to everyone including the general public, photographers, schools, businesses and design studios, so if you find yourself unable to complete a project or you need a little assistance with a Photoshop problem then I can help so just drop me a line and we can discuss your needs.


Just for fun - ever wanted to be the President of the US of A?  Not a job I'd fancy but the money's good.


Now this guy wanted to be the next Doctor... so I helped him on his way with a little help from Adobe Photoshop.

This is an example of combining two completely different photographs. I removed the background from the main subject before adding him to the scene, matching the background resolution and noise level and then giving the whole image a sepia colour to bring it all together.

Here we have a damaged photograph which needed a little TLC and of course a big helping of Photoshop. You can slide the bar on the photograph to the left and right and see the difference of before the image was fixed and after it had restored.

This is an example that I produced to show how Photoshop can combine images seamlessly with a little know how. Here I combined three slightly different images (taken a few seconds apart) onto the same background, then I added a few assorted elements into the photograph, and finally played with a few colours on the main subject to produce this surreal offering.

Editable PDF forms, certificates and letterheads


If you have a business or a club, you may find yourself in need of letterheads, forms or certificates. I can supply you with the artwork as straight PDFs, which you then pass on to your printer for traditional printing, or I can supply you with editable PDFs. If you commission an editable PDF, I will supply you with a document that has all the usual components of your letterhead, invoice or club certificate, but you will be able to edit any areas that you specify yourself, without any specialised software. The example below (in its PDF format) has editable regions which allow for the keeper to simply type over 'name here' etc. with the relevant information. All font styles are retained, which gives a professional look to any document whether it's a letterhead, certificate or form such as a quote or invoice for a client - the document can then be printed out at home or at the office as needed.

This method is excellent for short runs of say 50 or less, or where commercial printing is not cost effective.


Sometimes it's not viable to approach a document in this way because it may have been printed in quantity and so you could have say 2000 or more in stock. In cases like this, I can create for you a custom template to your specifications, which will allow you to simply load a pre-printed letterhead, invoice or certificate into your printer at home or the office, fill in your new template as needed and simply hit 'print'. Your pre-printed document will then be 'over-printed' with the information that you typed. This method works great for pre-printed letterheads, invoices, receipts and of course certificates. This process does not require you to have any specialised software installed.


I can also build you a custom form to any specification and again, you will find my rates very competitive.